Employee Spotlight April 2021 – Keith Kaplan

Each month here at Acorn, we feature one of our team members on our blog! Our April 2021 Employee Spotlight is Keith Kaplan! Keith is an Assistant Project Manager and Installer at Acorn and he has been with the team for 14 months.

Since Keith has been at Acorn for just over a year, he says that he loves that his current position is still so fresh. He loves being able to apply the knowledge he has, but also gaining knowledge and skills that he doesn’t have. When asked about why he loves his job, Keith says, “As an installer seeing the final product in all its beauty after that final wipe down. There’s a deep satisfaction when you step back and take that final look at your work. Especially with vinyl. Vinyl is an art.”

Keith also explains that the environment and his coworkers are his favorite part about working at Acorn. He’s grateful for his team, the Installers and Project Deliverers, and says that even the most stressful days feel stress-free at Acorn.

Keith is originally from Nassau County, New York. When he’s not working, he likes to be on the road and exploring new places. He loves traveling and following the music.

Our team members are the heart of who we are as a company, and we are so thankful to have Keith as a part of our Acorn family. Check out our full team at: https://acornsign.com/about/.



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