The Altria Theater in Richmond, is a theater at the southwest corner of Monroe Park, the largest venue of Richmond CenterStage’s performing arts complex. Formerly known as The Mosque and the Landmark Theater, the Altria Theater was originally built for Shriners of the Acca Temple Shrine.

In 1940, the building was purchased by the City of Richmond, which converted much of its interior for municipal use. The Richmond Police Department occupied the theater’s basement, where they opened up office space, classrooms, a gymnasium, and a shooting range for the police academy. An underground swimming pool was also maintained, initially for training purposes, until it was filled in with concrete during the 2014 renovation.

After a $10 million renovation gift from Altria, the theater was officially dubbed the Altria Theater in February 2014.  We worked closely with the team from Gilbane to provide a “back to the future” look for the lobby fountains.  In addition, we worked with the architecture team from Wilson Butler to make sure that the signage preserved their design intent.

Sign Types;

  • ADA Room Signs
  • Wayfinding
  • Donor Signage
  • Exterior Display Case
  • Architectural Signage
  • Historical Fountain Restoration