Embrey Mill is a masterfully-planned residential community in North Stafford, Virginia and was developed by Newland Communities. Embrey Mill features parks and playgrounds, a swimming pool, a dog park, a community garden, fire pits, a cafe, and model homes by various builders. This community features single family homes and townhomes, and works to create a stress-free lifestyle and community for their residents.

Here at Acorn, we partnered with Newland Communities to develop the signage for Embrey Mill before development on the community even began. We conducted extensive background research of the community location itself and the surrounding areas, as well as tested various materials and prototypes to determine exactly how the signage should look and feel. We designated a specific team within Acorn to partner with Newland throughout every step of the project.

Our team utilized the research we conducted and the brand guidelines to develop a mood board that would be the central focus for all the signage we fabricated. Once we had established these guidelines, Acorn and Newland organized a site tour where we worked together to determine the best locations for signage throughout Embrey Mill. From this site tour, we created signage maps that outlined where all of the signage would be installed.

After we developed the signage maps outlining the various locations, we began work on the first round of designs! Embrey Mill is a sizable development, which means that we fabricated an extremely large amount of signage for the numerous amenities around the community. We fabricated signage for the community entrance, wayfinding signs, amenity signs, trail markers, billboard signage, historical markers, home builder identification, awnings, flags, vinyl street decals, and more. With such a large amount of work to be done, we ensured that our team was extremely organized and partnered closely with Newland to make sure that we met all expectations and timelines.

Our collaboration with Newland focused on creating signage within Embrey Mill that was environmentally appropriate to the area and reflected the lifestyle of those living within the community. Embrey Mill is a community that highlights relationships and a stress-free lifestyle, so we dedicated ourselves to producing signage that reflected their mission and helps residents feel at home.

Here at Acorn, we’ve partnered with clients throughout the East Coast, and we are passionate about using signage to help our clients achieve their goals. We also strive to make the signage industry more inclusive, accessible and environmentally responsible. To see more photos of our work, check out our client profiles at https://acornsign.com/work/