Humana is a health insurance company whose mission is to make healthcare more accessible for all and innovate in community wellness. With established standards of excellence, Humana focuses on improving the health and wellness of their members, employees, and partners. They provide healthcare plans for individuals and employers, including Medicare, Medicaid, dental and vision insurance.

Humana has received numerous awards and recognition for their outstanding products, services and responsible business practices. In each of their various programs, they focus on inspiring health and well-being for every individual and community into the future.

Humana opened a new office in Arlington, Virginia, and our team at Acorn partnered with them to fabricate the signage and artwork for their innovative new space. The architecture firm, Interior Architects (IA), created the high-end office for Humana, as well as designed the unique environmental graphic design elements. After they developed the designs for the space, Humana and IA passed them to Acorn, and we provided the fabrication and installation.

We enjoy partnering with companies and architecture firms to make spatial visions come to life. To see more photos of our various clients and work, check out our other projects at