A Look Inside Acorn’s Project Management Department

As a human-centered company, our team at Acorn is passionate about our clients’ experiences through every stage of signage manufacturing. We talked with Acorn’s VP of Project Delivery, Michelle Evans, to highlight our unique process of how we partner with our clients to deliver the best experience possible.

Michelle’s role as VP of Project Delivery is to oversee the management of client work from design through execution. She acts as an advocate for the clients while also managing expectations through every stage of the process. Our project management department touches every aspect of signage fabrication, from the time our sales team delivers the contract to the final installation.

While each of our clients are unique, we have two main systems for client work: projects vs programs. Our project-based work is typically with contractors or architects that are working for a specific signage need. Conversely, our program-based work focused on clients that are needing ongoing systems and deliverables, such as a large rebranding plan

A Look Inside Acorn’s Project Management Department

In the graphics above, you can see how our systemized approach to our work allows our team to have a basic framework for each type of project. When our project management team works within this system, it provides a workflow while also giving them the flexibility and creativity to implement a unique strategy for each client. The processes we have in place also gives our diverse team of project managers opportunities and areas of growth based on their experiences and strengths.

We bring a consultative-approach to our client work, and partner with them to ensure the best outcomes for our clients’ needs. By getting our project management team involved in the process early, we figure out what is going to help the client be most successful from the beginning. This streamlines our work and allows us to be as efficient and effective as possible.

No matter what type of project we are working on, our human-centric business is unique in how we manage communication. Even when issues arise, we have an empathetic approach to our solutions: How are we/they thinking? What is going to best serve the client? And how do we make the system better? By connecting with our clients on a personal and human level, we are able to overcome obstacles we may face and deliver the best signage product.

We love talking with individuals and businesses about the impact that signage can have on customers and employees in their built environment. If you have any questions about our process or how we can best serve your needs, contact us today at https://acornsign.com/contact/

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