Behind the Scenes of our Manufacturing Process

One of our goals here at Acorn is to educate our clients and industries related to signage about our work and processes. We talked with our VP of Production, Jim Gray, for an in-depth overview of our manufacturing process so we can share what goes into fabricating signage. Jim is a part of our leadership team and oversees our manufacturing to ensure the success of each project!

Jim works as a liaison between the estimators, design team and the shop foremen. When a client initially comes to Acorn, our estimators and designers work closely to determine the look, materials and costs for the project. Once the order moves through this phase, Jim comes in and scrubs the order to ensure that each piece is correct before it’s sent to the shop for production.


In order to keep everything on track within our shop, we have a master scheduling program that allows us to meet deadlines and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Our foreman’s manage the calendar and orders so our teams in the shop know what needs to be produced according to the ordering and delivery schedules. From there, our team of expert manufacturers fabricate the products with skill and precision.
Before the final product leaves our shop, we carefully package the signs so they will be ready for installation. We either have our installation teams install the signage or simply ship the signs to the client. Either way, we take the time to box everything safely and efficiently so the product arrives on time and to reduce the risk of any signs incurring damage in route to the client. We work diligently to create signage that is unique, innovative and accessible. Our team of 13 people in the shop have a wide array of materials and processes that we can fabricate to fit virtually any need our clients may have. Some of these manufacturing processes include vinyl, digital, laser engraving, rotary engraving, photopolymer, hot stamp, screen-printing, painting, routing and metal fabrication.


As a certified B Corporation, we strongly believe in environmentalism and using green manufacturing processes. One of the ways we work towards this is using acrylic plastic for roughly 90% of the signs we create. The major benefit of using acrylic for our signage is that it is continually recyclable, and we partner closely with facilities that are able to recycle it for us. Jim told us that last year, we purchased around 24,000 pounds of acrylic for signage and we were able to recycle over 2,500 pounds of it. Our ability to reduce waste and create products that are able to be recycled aligns with our core value of being environmentally conscious in our work. You can read more about our dedication to green manufacturing here:

To see our manufacturing in action, check out this video of our photopolymer process that Jim created for us! We are so thankful for our expert team of fabricators who bring the signage we design to life. If you have any questions about our processes or signage in general, feel free to reach out! Message us today at

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