Our Dedication to Green Manufacturing

Our Dedication to Green Manufacturing

As a signage fabricator and manufacturer, we regard environmental responsibility as one of our greatest missions. Through our work, we have dedicated ourselves to being as socially and environmentally responsible as possible. We became a certified B Corporation in 2013 as a method to hold ourselves accountable to higher standards of transparency.

Even before we gained our certification as a B Corporation, our CEO, Beth Gillispie, was searching for products and methods for Acorn to make our manufacturing more sustainable. When we underwent the process of obtaining our certification, we found out that not only were we already meeting the standards they require for sustainability, but we were already one of the most green signage manufacturers in the industry.

Many companies claim to have green products, but lack verification or explanation for their systems. By being a B Corporation, we underwent a process that validated our methods for sustainability. We have spent extensive time and resources developing eco-friendly processes and products, and when our clients hire us, they can be confident in the fact that we are continually striving towards new levels of environmentalism. Out of the 2,900 companies that are B Corporations throughout 64 countries, Acorn is the only signage company. We must recertify our designation every three years to ensure that we always stay on top of sustainability.

Acorn’s President, TJ Daly, explains our mission for environmental and social responsibility by saying, “Being a Certified B Corporation is a good housekeeping seal of approval for sustainability. But it’s more than just being green. It’s how we treat employees, how we work with suppliers and vendors, and how we work with customers.”

At the heart of our company, we are driven by our values. We are dedicated to the planet, our people and the success of the company, and we firmly believe that these ideals all rely on each other for our success. We believe that our business success is driven by relationships and the responsibilities we hold ourselves accountable to, including being a green manufacturer. Our Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Bob Greenberger, says it best when he says, “Really, we’re a company based on values. Our culture is by far the best, and we take our core values and relay that to our customers through our outstanding products and professionalism. That’s how we build our business relationships with our customers.”

Our culture and values define who we are as a company, and our dedication to green manufacturing is one of our main focuses. If you would like more information about how we continually work towards environmentalism, contact us today at https://acornsign.com/contact/.




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