15 Reasons Your Business May Not Be ADA Compliant


15 Reasons Your Business May Not Be ADA Compliant

The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) is legislation that protects individuals with disabilities against discrimination. The ADA outlines a wide range of regulations that businesses are required to comply with to ensure that individuals of all ability levels can access their business and ensures they have equal employment opportunities.

Ensuring that your business is compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be a large undertaking, but you can begin to assess your compliance before you consult an ADA expert. Use the list below as a reference to see if there are specific areas in your business that you can make more accessible, inclusive and compliant with the ADA.

  1. A wheelchair cannot be navigated around paths in your building because of architectural barriers.
  2. You do not have an alternative methods for disabled individuals to utilize your business if your building is not handicap accessible.
  3. Your website is not conducive to assistive technologies.
  4. You have not researched ADA requirements for your business type.
  5. No one at your company has undergone equal employment training to understand discriminatory hiring practices.
  6. You have not trained your employees to assist disabled individuals in navigating your business.
  7. There are no coat hooks in bathrooms at waist height.
  8. You have no signage welcoming service animals.
  9. Signage in your building does not feature Braille lettering.
  10. You have not researched anti-discrimination laws in your state.
  11. Your building does not have automatic door openers or lever-style door handles.
  12. There are no handicap parking spots in your parking lot.
  13. You have not obtained a Certification of Equivalency that states that your building is compliant with Title III of the ADA.
  14. There is not enough contrast between the colors on your signage.
  15. Your staff has not been trained on not using discriminatory language.

Here at Acorn, our mission is to help individuals of all ability levels navigate built environments through helping businesses make their spaces more inclusive and accessible. If you have questions about your business’s accessibility and would like to discuss ADA compliance, contact us today at: https://acornsign.com/contact/

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