2021 Signage Trends

2021 Signage Trends

Every year, we take time to evaluate how the signage industry continues to evolve and analyze emerging trends and shifts in our markets. 2020 was an unprecedented year that brought challenges that required every aspect of our society to pivot and adapt. In the beginning of 2021, we recognize that 2020 brought enduring changes to the way that individuals interact with built environments.

As we start a new year, we are seeing shifts in the signage industry that reflect the changes our society has gone through recently. Below, we outline evolving trends in our industry in order to help our clients adapt and stay at the forefront of signage design innovation.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Even with the development of a vaccine for COVID-19, our communities will continue to be shaped by the impact of COVID-19 into 2021. Because of this, the need for wayfinding and designated signage for social distancing and public health guidelines is crucial throughout every physical place of business. Read more about signage related to COVID-19 on our blog: https://acornsign.com/signage-needs-for-reopening-your-business-2/

Mobile Device Compatibility

We have been anticipating over the past few years that mobile interaction with signage will rise, but COVID-19 has brought more than social distancing signage to our industry. Because of businesses limiting touch points in physical spaces, QR codes and similar features have been crucial additions to signage in built environments. We are seeing this trend especially in restaurants where menus have been replaced by QR codes throughout the location for users to scan with their phones, see menus and order on their device. Mobile device compatibility is rising throughout the signage industry as a whole, but specifically in the restaurant industry in the COVID-19 era.

Increase in Digital Signage

Digital signage continues to become more affordable and sustainable as technology develops, and more businesses are utilizing digital signage for a variety of reasons. Because of it’s adaptability, it can reduce long term costs for companies since they can change messaging while using the same signage. Similarly, as tech companies develop more energy efficient products, digital signage can be a more affordable signage solution. In addition to these ideas, younger generations have been raised in the digital era, which means that their ability to understand and interact with digital signage is uniquely intuitive and can offer new opportunities for businesses to communicate with them.

Environmental Consciousness

Our planet continues to face environmental concerns, and businesses have been steadily growing more conscious of environmentally responsible practices. Here at Acorn, we prioritize green practices, specifically through focusing on energy efficiency, developing lean manufacturing processes, utilizing existing materials and substituting products with sustainable alternatives. As a certified B Corporation, we hold ourselves to high environmental standards, and strive to lead by example when it comes to sustainably manufacturing our products. As this trend increases throughout signage, we work diligently to promote environmental consciousness in every aspect of our industry.


With the significant rise of digital signage and interaction, businesses are now facing cybersecurity concerns with their privacy and protection systems for their data. Because the field of cybersecurity is extensive and specialized, we recommend consulting a cybersecurity expert if you are integrating digital signage with your website, internal systems and customers’ devices.

As experts in the signage industry, we continually adapt and educate ourselves on the current trends in our industry. Whether you have a specific signage goal in mind or are interested in general information, our team would love to talk with you about your business’s potential signage needs. We partner with businesses across numerous industries to provide comprehensive and innovative signage that allows all individuals to navigate their built environment. Learn more about our team and see examples of our work at www.acornsign.com/.

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