8 Reasons to Hire an ADA-Specialized Signage Company


8 Reasons to Hire an ADA-Specialized Signage Company

Do you know if your business is required to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? The ADA establishes 12 categories of business that provide goods or services to the public that are required to be compliant with their accessibility guidelines.

When approaching ADA compliance, it’s important to work with a signage company that has expertise in fabricating this type of signage. Consider these 8 tips when you are searching for a signage company to create your ADA signage.

  1. Technical qualifications
    1. While some signage companies claim they can fabricate ADA signage, ensure that the signage company you choose actually has the expertise necessary in order to develop signage that fulfills all ADA technical specs.
  2. Legal compliance
    1. It’s important to meet all accessibility compliance standards for legal accountability. Consulting with a signage company that specializes in the ADA will give you the peace of mind that you are up to code and meeting all requirements.
  3. Expand your potential customer reach
    1. Individuals with disabilities may actively seek out businesses that can meet their needs, and when you focus on accessibility for all people, you expand your network to reach new customers.
  4. Improve your customer experience
    1. You can greatly increase the customer experience of those individuals when you improve your business’s accessibility. Working with a signage company that specializes in ADA accessibility allows you to ensure that you are providing the best possible environment for all people.
  5. Build customer loyalty
    1. When individuals with physical or mental disabilities have a great customer experience within your place of business, it develops customer loyalty because they feel included and valued. It is important to acknowledge the ability levels of all people at your business and ensure they feel valued.
  6. Collaboration for creative accessibility solutions
    1. When you partner with a signage company that is specialized in the ADA, it allows you to collaborate and develop innovative solutions for accessibility within your built environment.
  7. Social responsibility
    1. In today’s business environment, consumers place a high value on social responsibility and inclusion. When you implement ideals of social responsibility into your business, it allows you to be truly inclusive and serve people of all ability levels.
  8. Public relations
    1. When you advertise your focus on accessibility in your marketing and public relations efforts, it allows you to reach those potential new customers as well as increase the overall perception of your company in consumers’ minds.

Here at Acorn, we are passionate about making built environments more accessible and inclusive for people of all ability levels. Not only do we specialize in ADA compliance in our work, we have also dedicated our company to social responsibility and holding ourselves to higher ethical standards.

If you have questions about ADA compliance for your business, contact us today at: https://acornsign.com/contact/






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