Accessibility Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic


As states and businesses begin the reopening after the coronavirus shut downs, accessibility is important to help ensure that all patrons of your business understand how to navigate your built environment while still practicing social distancing. Not only is accessibility necessary for individuals who have physical or mental disabilities, it is especially crucial during this time to help enforce public health guidelines required for reopening.

Signage and wayfinding are two key factors of accessibility when considering how individuals navigate throughout your build environment. Since many people have been at home during quarantine, people are eager to visit businesses that are reopening.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has outlined specific recommendations for reopening businesses and social distancing guidelines. In order to promote public health and prevent the spread of COVID-19, follow the CDC recommendations and use strategic signage to help your visitors understand the safety measures required within your physical space. Below are some tips on how to use signage and wayfinding thoughtfully as you reopen your business.

6 Feet Distance Markers

If your employees will be interacting with customers or there are opportunities for lines to form within your building, placing markers that show 6 feet distances help to enforce social distancing. This will not only help to ensure that your visitors maintain safe distances from other patrons, but will also serve as a visual reminder that you expect customers to follow CDC guidelines.

Directional Signs on What Paths to Follow

If your business requires that people move around your space, such as grocery or retail stores, placing directional signs that show which way to move through the aisles will help ensure that customers limit close contact with each other. You can also require customers to use shopping carts, if applicable, to help maintain distance while customers are moving throughout aisles.

Signs Demonstrating Face Coverings and Hand Washing

Educating your visitors on the CDC expectations you require is one of the most important ways to ensure your customers and clients follow them. Every business can tailor signage about face coverings, hand washing and other best practices to fit their needs and building.

Our team members at Acorn Sign are experts on designing and fabricating signage that not only follow accessibility guidelines, but also create a unique and memorable experience within your built environment.

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