Acorn in Action: Exterior Signage in Outdoor Advertising


Signage can take many different forms and serve a wide range of needs for your business. From accessibility to advertising, signage can make a great impact on your brand awareness and serving the needs of your customers. Our team at Acorn fabricates numerous types of signage, including signage for advertising purposes.

Exterior signage for your business is not only functional, but can also provide an opportunity to advertise your business to anyone who may pass by your building. This creates space to develop memorable signage that will reach countless individuals in your area. By developing exterior signage that distinguishes your business from those around you, passersby are more likely to notice and remember your company.

Studies have shown that you have three seconds to make an impact on those who interact with your business or product. Unique outdoor advertising helps to draw people’s attention and provides you with the opportunity to make that first impression. If you’re interested in learning about how to create an impact with your signage in three seconds, you can read more on our blog:

Outdoor advertising has a long history in Richmond, especially in relation to the tobacco industry and advertisements on the side of barns. Throughout the city, you can find numerous examples of historic outdoor advertising, including the iconic Lucky Strike Tower in Shockoe Bottom. Our team at Acorn has partnered with several businesses throughout Richmond to develop memorable exterior signage, including the Quirk Hotel, the Main Street Station, and the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

See the exterior signage we developed for these clients and more at

Here at Acorn, we work with our clients to develop the most innovative signage solutions for their needs. If you are curious about how exterior signage can help expand your customer reach and brand awareness, contact us today at

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