Acorn in Action: Virginia State University Multi-Purpose Center

Acorn in Action: Virginia State University Multi-Purpose Center Virginia State University (VSU) was founded in 1882 in Petersburg, Virginia, approximately 20 miles south of Richmond. The VSU campus spans 231-acres overlooking the Appomattox River and the city of Petersburg. We worked specifically with VSU to renovate the signage within the Multi-Purpose Center, which can seat up to 6,000 guests. The capacity makes this center the largest event venue in Virginia that is south of Richmond. While this venue serves multiple functions for the university, it also provides event space for concerts, trade shows, family events and more.

Acorn fabricated a wide range of signage throughout the Multi-Purpose Center. These signage types include wayfinding, exterior building identification, vinyl graphics, dedication plaques, ADA and code compliant room signs, and more. Throughout this project, we strove to provide high-quality signage and wanted to showcase the school pride of Virginia State University and embody their athletic spirit.

Since the VSU Multi-Purpose Center is used for much more than school sporting events, ADA-compliance, accessibility and the ability to navigate the built environment was of the utmost importance to us while working with VSU. One of our greatest missions as a company is to provide better experiences in built environments for individuals of all ability levels. Therefore, we ensure to provide the most innovative signage that is ADA and code compliant while increasing visitors’ user experiences.

To see more photos of our work at the Virginia State University Multi-Purpose Center and a list of the sign types we produced, check out our profile at

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