Acorn’s ADA Expertise for Continuing Education

Acorn’s ADA Expertise for Continuing Education

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a piece of legislation that became law in 1990 in order to prevent discrimination against those with disabilities. While the ADA covers a wide range of regulations for businesses and public entities, one of the major components of the ADA is establishing signage regulations to increase accessibility for individuals with disabilities to better navigate built environments.

Here at Acorn, we are passionate about the work of the ADA and are industry-leading specialists in ADA-compliant and accessible signage. Our Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bob Greenberger, is an ADA expert who teaches certified AIA/IDCEC continuing education courses and presentations to signage-related industry professionals, such as architects, design firms, other signage companies, facility managers and more.

Companies and individuals attend these courses and presentations in order to learn more about signage in relation to the ADA. Bob begins by providing the history of the ADA and explaining common terminology in relation to it. After these introductions, Bob utilizes most of the time breaking down areas that require compliant signage and the specifications needed for each. He focuses on these regulations to emphasize the importance for attendees’ clients to be ADA compliant in order to avoid legal penalties and fines.

Our goal at Acorn is to assist the over 327 million people in the United States in navigating their built environments through our work. We are fully committed to our mission to increase accessibility and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, and Bob’s personal passion for the ADA makes him a natural expert in our field. In his over 30 years in the signage industry, Bob has seen the ADA evolve from inception into what it is today, and he has given over 500 of these ADA signage presentations.

Because of both our vast ADA experience as a company and Bob’s ADA expertise, Acorn has developed into a true industry leader in the field of ADA signage compliance. We receive at least 10-15 inquiries each week about consulting for ADA signage, and we are overjoyed to share our knowledge and industry expertise in order to make our society and built environments more accessible for individuals with disabilities.

If you are interested in learning more about ADA compliance for signage or your business, contact Bob Greenberger today at for more information and how Acorn can be of service to you.

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