Acorn’s Dedication to Environmentalism

Acorn’s Dedication to Environmentalism

In today’s environmental climate, it is imperative that companies actively work towards becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Here at Acorn, we are dedicated to responsible and green business practices throughout every aspect of the company, from our office to manufacturing and to installation. By focusing our company on more than just profits, we are ensuring that we serve not only our best interests, but also the interests of our employees, society and the planet.

A Focus on Sustainability
Acorn is a values and purpose-driven company. We create signage that is sustainable, inclusive, and furthers our clients’ brands. By focusing on sustainability as we fabricate signage, we are able to provide our clients with a product that is not only high quality and designed well, but is also beneficial for the environment.

B Corporation
One of the defining characteristics of being a certified B Corporation is a dedication to environmentally-conscious business practices. Part of the certification process for becoming a B Corp is an in-depth analysis of your company’s manufacturing practices. When Acorn became a B Corp in 2013, the certification committee showed that we were already one of the most green signage companies in the industry, and we continue to improve upon that.

Responsible Manufacturing Practices
We continually strive to become more environmentally responsible in our manufacturing and fabrication process. This includes a wide range of methods including eco-friendly materials, energy efficient lighting and more. By using high-quality and sustainable materials in our products, we are ensuring that our clients receive signage that is built to last, saving them money in the long-term and reducing landfill waste.

As a B Corporation, we are required to renew our certification every three years in order to prove that we continue to uphold the standards they require. This gives our company validation from an outside source and proof to our clients that we truly are using the most sustainable business practices for the environment.

Acorn’s dedication to environmentalism is one of our main focuses as we fabricate signage for our clients. If you would like more information about our capabilities and areas of expertise, learn more at

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