Acorn’s Environmental Impact and the Signage Industry

Positive Environmental Impact

As a company, we at Acorn Sign believe that it our responsibility to focus on our greater societal impact alongside the work we do. Our owners, Beth and Steve Gillispie have worked diligently to create a company culture centered around the question, “How do we create a culture that is values- and purpose-driven that will produce an exciting workplace?” Because of this focus on values and our purpose, we became a certified B-Corporation that proves that we are dedicated to ethical business practices, social issues, high levels of customer service and employee care, and environmental consciousness.

While we are passionate about a wide range of social issues, one specifically that we dedicate time and resources towards is environmental responsibility. As a signage manufacturer, we have to be concerned about which materials we use, our carbon footprint and other issues that are threatening our environment today. We believe that it’s our responsibility to ensure that we use the most sustainable and energy efficient materials and machines possible.

We focus on sustainability at every step of our manufacturing and production processes. When we were becoming certified as a B-Corporation, we verified that our sustainability methods made us one of the most environmentally conscious companies in the signage industry. However, we are always striving to lower our carbon footprint and discover new methods to improve our environmental impact.

When we approach sustainability and our impact on the environment, we also consider the long-term environmental impact of our work for our clients. We strive to manufacture high-quality signs with sustainable materials in order to extend the life of our products and prevent the creation of more landfill waste, which in turn is more cost-effective for our clients when they purchase quality, long-lasting signage from Acorn.

Another way that we are conscious about the environment is by focusing on our clients’ long-term usage of our products. We have the capability to integrate digital signage with energy-efficient LED screens for messaging that may need to be updated frequently, reducing paper and printer usage. We always focus on creating less waste and increasing our recycling capabilities wherever possible.

As technology advances, we are continually searching for ways to improve our environmental impact and pass that consciousness to our clients by providing high-quality and sustainable signage. No matter our client’s situation, we can find a method to fit their needs as we work to improve our society’s influence on the environment.

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