Acorn’s Manufacturing Process: Design, Build, Install

Acorn’s Manufacturing Process: Design, Build, Install

When working in architectural signage, every project requires a deep understanding of big picture goals and perspectives. Here at Acorn, we have developed a systemized project management process that we personalize for every client project we complete. This system allows our clients to have a single point of contact, effective communication and a project completed on time and within budget.

Because of our professional project management services, we are able to offer an approach that eliminates uncertainty and error at every phase of the project. Our manufacturing process defines three distinct phases that encompass our capabilities: design, build, and install.


When we begin a project with a client, we work diligently to understand the original intent for the project so we can preserve that throughout the process. Our Technical Design team focuses on integrating the vision of the project with the specific material and manufacturing requirements needed for implementation. In order for signage to make the highest impact, it must consist of superior design and innovation throughout your built environment. This phase allows us to consider all facets of the project and plan the best execution of it.


During the build phase, our team of skilled craftspeople fabricate the project with the highest level of quality and materials. We use lean manufacturing techniques to ensure that while we are building the best product, we also use the best methods for our clients and the environment. Our team of fabricators can manufacture signage from almost any material and build it to fit virtually any architectural space. By having our own craftspeople, our clients can feel confident that we will meet the highest standards in quality assurance.


The last phase of our manufacturing process is installation. This is a crucial phase because we are finally able to materialize and unveil the project to the client. We conduct site surveys and safety inspections to ensure that our expert installation team will be able to install the project to exact specifications. In order to provide the best experience for our clients, we finish the process by ensuring that the signage is installed at the highest level of care and expertise.

By having all of these capabilities within our company, we are able to offer our clients a seamless process from the beginning of the project to final installation. If you are interested in learning more about how this process can be tailored to your business’s needs, we would love to talk with you. For more information about these phases and our capabilities, visit us at

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