Acorn’s Value Appreciation Board


Acorn’s Value Appreciation Board

Here at Acorn, one of our greatest missions as a company is to foster the best possible culture among our employees. We believe that valuing our employees and making Acorn the best place to work benefits everyone who interacts with us as a company, internally and externally. One of the ways that we cultivate this environment is through our Values Appreciation Board. This board is a place for our team members to celebrate each other and provide specific compliments and encouragements to other Acorn staff.

As a certified B-Corporation, we believe in more than just gaining the most profits for the company. We’ve dedicated ourselves to people, planet and profits, which means that our culture and team members are as important to us as all the rest of the work we do. By encouraging each other in our work, we are able to celebrate our team and create deeper relationships between our employees. Our Values Appreciation Board has 5 sections where people can give each other specific compliments: We’re in this Together, We Can Do it Better, Shine the Light, Hold Up Your End of the Deal, and Exceed Expectations.

Here are some specific examples of how our team members encourage each other on this board:

“We’re in this Together: The entire PM team – Thank you for your guidance, patience and inclusivity! I couldn’t ask for a better team!”

“Shine the Light: To Andy, Marcus and Jim for keeping up with all of the orders in production despite the heavy volume of orders! – Walida”

“Hold Up Your End of the Deal: Thanks to Courtney and Hillary for covering for me while I was in Hawaii. – Thanks, Beth”

“We’re in this Together: Walida – Thank you for realizing when I’m overwhelmed and helping me to break tasks down to smaller/manageable parts! You’re ACTUALLY the bomb!”

We strive to cultivate an environment of collaboration, dedication and encouragement, and the Values Appreciation Board is just one way that we foster a team mentality among our staff. Check out more about who we are as a company and our team members here:

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