How ADA Compliance Improves Your Business


Acorn Sign is dedicated to developing innovative signage for our clients, and one way that we differ from other signage companies is our expert knowledge in ADA compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is legislation that prevents discrimination towards individuals with physical or mental disabilities in public buildings. It outlines building and signage regulations that allow for increased accessibility for these individuals, and our company is an expert in fabricating signage that is compliant with these regulations.

By ensuring that your business is compliant with all aspects of the ADA, you can improve your business in several ways while being available to people of all ability levels.

Allow All Individuals to Interact With Your Business

One of the greatest advantages of ensuring that your business is ADA compliant is that you are broadening the range of people who can utilize your services. By expanding the number of individuals who can interact with your business, your business can grow and expand in new and unique ways.

Provide Clarity within your Built Environment

By strategically analyzing your built environment, you can recognize different ways that individuals could physically struggle within your space. If you have not examined your building’s wayfinding system, you could be missing opportunities to increase your customers’ experience within your space. Our team equips our clients with signage that is not only consistent with their brand, but allows people to easily understand how to navigate your built environment, no matter their ability level.

Prevent Legal Issues

By ensuring ADA compliance in your space, you can feel confident that you can avoid any legal issues that could arise in relation to accessibility. While we are experts in ADA signage, we recommend reading the full ADA standards at and consulting legal advice for comprehensive ADA compliance.

Innovate within Your Existing Space

When you take the time to explore the most inclusive ways for everyone to interact with your business, you can open your company to innovative methods for using your space. By focusing on accessibility and ADA compliance, you show that your business is conscious of all people and dedicated to serving society as a whole.

Here at Acorn, we specialize in ADA compliant signage because we believe that all individuals should be able to interact with any built environment. If you have questions about if your signage is compliant with the ADA requirements, we would love to talk with you! Contact us today at

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