How to Utilize ADA Compliance for Your Built Environment


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was established in 1990 to ensure that all public spaces are accessible for individuals of all ability levels, specifically those with physical or mental disabilities. Our team at Acorn is passionate about how the signage industry was impacted by the ADA and how we can create ADA-compliant signage that is innovative and improves accessibility throughout society.

We strongly believe in educating businesses about the importance of ADA compliance and how they can utilize it to improve their built environments. Analyzing the following topics can help you ensure that your business is utilizing the ADA to its fullest extent within your built environment.

Educate yourself and your team about the ADA.

Education about the Americans with Disabilities Act will help you to understand how to think about accessibility in relation to your built environment. It is also important that your team members and staff are aware of how to assist individuals with mental or physical disabilities navigate your business’s built environment.

Review our “How to Check if Your Business is ADA Compliant” Checklist.

Ensuring that your business meets the various regulations established by the ADA can be an extensive process. If you are unsure of where to begin, read this checklist we put together: While we are experts in ADA signage, we also recommend consulting with a legal expert that specializes in all of the ADA legal requirements.

Assess your physical space and notice if there are any opportunities for more inclusive signage or wayfinding.

When approaching ADA compliance, it is crucial that you place yourself in the mindset of those who may have difficulties navigating physical spaces. By training yourself to think of your built environment in different ways, you can discover if you have any missed opportunities where you can be more inclusive or accessible, whether through correcting signage, wayfinding or architectural barriers.

Advertise your accessibility services.

For individuals with disabilities, accessibility can be a major factor of why they choose certain businesses over others. Ensure that you are advertising your accessibility features so that you can reach larger demographics of consumers who will benefit from utilizing them. It is also important that your website is also optimized for digital accessibility.

Consult a signage company that is an expert in fabricating ADA signage.

Here at Acorn, we are passionate about signage that helps all individuals navigate built environments while also furthering your company’s brand. Because of that passion, we have become signage industry leaders in relation to accessible and ADA-compliant signage. When clients use us for their signage needs, they can feel confident that they are receiving the highest level of design and innovation while also meeting all ADA regulations.

Seek out opportunities for continuing education about ADA compliance.

Our EVP of Sales and Marketing, Bob Greenberger, teaches certified continuing education courses for architects, designers, signage companies, and other professionals to provide the latest information about the ADA and compliance regulations. We strive to be a resource for anyone who is looking to understand more about the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it can improve consumer experiences in your built environment.

Our team at Acorn is always willing to discuss ADA compliance for your business and methods of making your built environment more inclusive and accessible. If you have any questions about the ADA and your business, contact us today at

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