Serving Public Service Industries Through Signage


We believe in the power of great signage to make an impact in our clients’ businesses. We have clients across countless industries and business sectors, and we strive to ensure that the signage we fabricate for them helps their business gain recognition and help their customers more easily navigate their built environments.

Not only do we believe in the power of effective signage on business, we work diligently to use signage and wayfinding as a tool to improve accessibility and inclusive environments. We are signage experts on the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) in order to advocate for accessibility for all individuals, regardless of mental or physical disabilities.

Because of our expertise in ADA signage and regulations, we have partnered with multiple public service businesses and organizations to help serve these industries through signage to further our mission of inclusion and accessibility.


Healthcare facilities have extensive requirements for ADA accessibility in order to accommodate the wide range of ability levels of patients. We have worked with multiple hospitals, including the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital, to provide ADA-compliant signage and wayfinding throughout their facilities. These clients require us to innovate and explore the most effective methods for communication for the greatest range of individuals.


The education sector is another industry that requires us to develop innovative signage in order to benefit the widest amount of people. We have been fortunate to work with multiple schools, including Virginia State University, Liberty University, and St. Michael’s Episcopal School, to develop signage, wayfinding, and monumentation throughout their campuses. Accessibility within educational campuses is crucial because of the diverse range of ability levels of not only students, but also their families, staff, and visitors.


Our team at Acorn has also worked with multiple libraries to create signage that reflects innovation and creativity in order to support their greater missions. Libraries provide access to public resources and education for the masses, and we are proud to partner with this industry to help provide accessibility within their built environments. In the Richmond, Virginia area, we have partnered with the Varina Area Library and the Libbie Mill Library to help promote their mission and inclusion in these community spaces.

Curious to learn more? We project more information about these projects and others at If you have any questions about how Acorn partners with the community and the work we do to help make society more accessible and inclusive, contact us today at

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