Signage Needs for Reopening Your Business


Covid-19 has impacted nearly every organization due to closures and quarantine regulations. Companies are adapting to new ways of conducting business in the wake of Covid-19 shutdowns. Signage is crucial to every reopening plan because it informs and ensures customers and employees understand the safety requirements while in your building.

Evaluating Your Unique Signage Needs

Effective signage is important for communicating with visitors and employees alike. As you welcome everyone back, make sure they feel safe and comfortable by . establishing clear expectations as it relates to social distancing standards and capacity limits.

Get started by reviewing your built environment’s layout. Take note of where interactions happen. By physically walking through your space, you can gain clarity about how traffic flows and understand multiple types of interactions such as:

  • Employee to Employee (break rooms, kitchens, offices)
  • Employee to Customer (dining areas, cash registers/checkouts)
  • Customer to Customer (restrooms, locker rooms, walkways)

Clear and Concise Signage

If your signage is difficult to read or contains too much information, it will not effectively communicate your intended message. While it is important to incorporate your branding, ensure that your signage does not lose its impact because it is not clear or concise.

In addition to keeping your space as safe as possible, promoting accessibility for disabled individuals during these unprecedented times ensures that your space is accommodating for all. As experts in the American’s with Disabilities Act, we can integrate Covid-19 and accessible signage to fulfill regulations established by both the ADA and the CDC.

Every business will have different signage needs as they reopen.  As a starting point, we recommend incorporating any or all of these signage ideas into your built environment to promote safety in your space:

  • Entrance signage explaining expectations
  • Mask requirement signs
  • Directional signage marking which way to walk down aisles
  • 6 feet distance floor decals
  • Signage designating hours for at-risk individuals
  • Posters reminding patrons to social distance
  • Hand washing demonstration signage
  • Signs showing how many customers are allowed inside at once

As a local company, Acorn understands the impact that the Covid-19 shutdowns have had on small businesses. In an effort to help in any way we can, click the link below to download free signage templates for your built environment. Keeping your employees and customers safe is crucial to long-term success, and we are here to help you create effective and unique signage solutions for your business.

Free signage templates:


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