The Graphics and Sign Scorecard


Our team at Acorn Sign works diligently to remain industry leaders in the signage industry. One of the ways we achieve this is by continuing to educate ourselves on industry statistics and the struggles businesses face today. This allows us to adapt our work to best serve our clients and meet their needs with our products.

Each quarter, the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) releases a Graphics and Sign Scorecard that shows various statistics of businesses in relation to purchasing decisions, barriers to growth, competitive advantage strategies and more. We use this scorecard as a reference for helping our clients and anticipating their needs.

According to the SGIA, 42.4% of companies say that one of their biggest barriers to growth is finding new customers. When businesses have a physical space, signage is one of the most important factors in making a first impression and reaching new customers. Our signage helps our clients strengthen the overall impressions of their built environments. Statistics show that your business has three seconds to make an impression, so it is crucial that you analyze how you can curate the best first impression of your business. To learn more about how to make an impression with impactful signage, read more on our blog here:

When companies are considering a capital equipment purchase decision, the highest ranked factors they consider are customer service, durability of equipment and brand reputation. Here at Acorn, we ensure the highest quality of products and customer service for our clients, and we service clients up and down the East Coast. Investing in signage for your built environment helps to not only improve your brand recognition, it also increases accessibility for individuals of all ability levels.

86.2% of companies also state that one of their strategies for building a competitive advantage is through continuous improvement. When we manufacture signage for our customers, we focus on helping our clients make an impression, increase brand recognition and help their visitors navigate built environments.

If you are curious as to how signage can improve your business’s brand recognition and accessibility, contact us today at


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