Acorn In Action: Altria Theater

Acorn in Action: Altria Theater

The Altria Theater located in downtown Richmond is a stunning theater that is an iconic venue in the Richmond performing arts scene. Hosting Broadway shows, concerts, and more, the Altria has seen a wide range of performances over its 90 year history. The Altria Theater was built in 1927, originally as The Mosque for Shriners of the Acca Temple. When the city of Richmond purchased the building in 1940, it was converted for municipal use, including being the headquarters and training academy of the Richmond Police Department. Altria donated a $10 million renovation gift for restoration of the theater, and it officially became known as the Altria Theater in February 2014.  

During the restoration process, Acorn developed the signage throughout the venue, including architectural signage, the exterior display cases, wayfinding, donor signage and more. We worked closely with Gilbane and the architecture team from Wilson Butler to ensure that we all maintained the same vision and design style intended for the project.

One of the most unique aspects of our work with the Altria Theater was partnering with the Gilbane team to restore the historic fountains. They envisioned a “back to the future” aesthetic for the fountains, which we were able to help them achieve. Since the theater and performances are open to all, we ensured to design the signage in full ADA compliance to ensure maximum accessibility for anyone with disabilities or handicaps that may be coming to enjoy a show.

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