Acorn in Action: James Madison University (Part 2)

Acorn In Action: JMU

Here at Acorn Sign, we have partnered with James Madison University to fabricate a wide range of signage needs for their new Advanced Learning Complex. JMU, located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, has designed this new space to facilitate innovative learning opportunities for their students. Our passion at Acorn is to develop signage that helps individuals navigate built environments while being stewards of our clients’ brands. In our work with JMU, we were able to assist in implementing their vision for this new space through signage.

Within the Advanced Learning Complex at JMU, we created signage for a broad range of spaces. This included room identifications signs, dimensional letter sets, donor identification, wayfinding and more. With this facility being designed to fulfill multiple functions, we had to ensure that our signage matched the level of innovation that went into creating the space itself.

Creating signage within college and university campuses presents unique challenges, such as ensuring that it is accessible for all types of individuals. Not only are these spaces created for students, faculty and staff, but they also must be functional for family members, campus guests, prospective students and more. Adhering to accessibility guidelines and innovating within them allows us to develop signage that is inclusive to individuals of all ability levels for these institutions.

We are proud to partner with James Madison University and other higher education institutions to implement inclusive signage for all people. To learn more about the types of signage we have created for James Madison University, visit us at

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