Signage as an Art Form: Constructing Built Environments


One of our greatest missions here at Acorn Sign is to be brand stewards in built environments. While this looks different for each of our clients, we use creativity and design-thinking practices to develop signage and built environments. Through collaboration in our team and with our clients, we approach our work as an art form as we innovative on behalf of our clients.

Like other creative industries, our team must continually stretch ourselves and explore new ideas in order to remain experts in our field. Our work requires us to design, create, and build signage for our clients, and we believe we are best equipped to achieve this work by focusing on strengthening our clients’ brand. By focusing on communicating a brand’s messaging, we are able to develop artistic solutions to signage in built environments.

Showcasing our artistic approach to signage is our recent work with the Quirk Hotel, a boutique hotel in a Renaissance-style building in downtown Richmond built in 1916. It features a restaurant in the lobby, art gallery, meeting rooms, and a rooftop bar. Quirk’s eclectic and contemporary style paired with original features of the building allowed us to help them create an innovative built environment that strengthens their brand in the built environment. See more photos and information about our work with the Quirk Hotel at

Innovation in Physical Spaces

Artistic expressions can take many forms, including creativity within physical spaces. Innovation within built environments is one of our major focuses because it requires us to creatively design inside an existing space. We can use components such as architectural features to construct signage that is truly unique to the space.

Communicating Narratives

Every business and organization has a story to tell. If your business has a built environment, you have the opportunity to use your physical space to enhance your story. We use signage to construct a wayfinding strategy, and to create features such as plaques, monumentation, vinyl graphics, banners, and more. All of these pieces we fabricate help tell your narrative and communicate more effectively with visitors.

Enhancing Personal Experiences

First impressions of your business are important whenever customers interact with your physical space. By creating a unique built environment that is also inclusive and accessible, you ensure that you are curating the best experience possible for your clients. When you focus on adding creative signage and wayfinding to your built environment, you increase the value of your space through the experience of your consumer.

Creativity in Practice

Here at Acorn, we partner with clients to provide more than just signage; we partner to provide an experience. We enjoy working with clients with a unique vision for their business where we can collaborate and help add value to their built environment.

Let’s Work Together to Complement Your Brand

Our team at Acorn is passionate about creative expression through strategic and effective signage. If you are curious about how innovative signage can improve your brand and messaging in your built environment, contact us today at We enjoy discussing our passion for signage and our goal is to assist clients in making their businesses more accessible and inclusive.

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