The Value of Customer Feedback for Acorn Sign


The Value of Customer Feedback for Acorn Sign

Our team at Acorn Sign focuses all of our work around our core missions: people, planet and profit. As our company has grown and evolved over the years, we work diligently to never stray from these ideals. We are a certified B-Corporation, which means that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical business practices and environmental consciousness.

We strive to create a company culture that values not only our employees, but also gives voice to our customers in evaluating how we are conducting business. While we welcome feedback from our clients throughout a project, we diligently send surveys after we finish a project in order to ensure that every project we complete aligns with our missions. Below are the questions that we ask on our surveys and descriptions of why this feedback is important to us.

How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?

We are a local company based in Richmond, Virginia with an additional location in Manassas, Virginia. While we service businesses up and down the East Coast, we also highly value personal recommendations from past clients!

Quality of the Service/Project Management Relationship: Were we knowledgeable and helpful?

Our team of service professionals are trained to be resources to our clients for whatever questions or comments they have about a project, so we work to ensure that they have received the highest level of customer service.

Quality of Communication: Were we responsive in a timely fashion?

Communication is extremely important to us, and we prioritize high quality communication with our clients. By asking if our customers are satisfied with our responsiveness, we express how much of a priority this is to us.

Quality of Product(s): Are you pleased with your project?

At the heart of our company, we strive to provide the best product possible for our customers. Ensuring that they are pleased with the quality of their product is important for helping us as we strive to improve and innovate in our industry.

Reliability: Were we on target with expected delivery?

Not only do we focus on the quality of products and communication, we also want to be a company that is reliable in fabrication and delivery of our products.

Price: Did we provide great value for your budget?

Since we hold ourselves to high standards for ethical business practices, we offer the highest quality signage for the best value. Our goal is to show this value to the client and remain within their established budget.

How important is it to you to work with a socially & environmentally responsible company?

Part of our work as a B-Corporation is striving for environmental consciousness and sustainability in every aspect of our company. As environmental issues become more central to our society, we highlight how we are one the most green signage companies in the industry.

Would you like to hear about new products?

We strive for ongoing relationships with clients, so we ask for permission if we can remain in contact with past customers and inform them about updates,  changes and new offerings.

Professionalism: How would you rate the level of professionalism that you experienced while working with Acorn on your signage project?

We work diligently to curate an excellent company culture, and one aspect of that culture is professionalism with clients. By asking about professionalism on our surveys, we can measure how we are doing with this aspect of our company culture.

What do you like best about working with Acorn Sign Graphics?

Towards the end of our customer survey, we offer these two open-ended questions where they can provide open feedback about what they liked best about us and how we can improve our business.

What might we do to better serve you?

We are always seeking opportunities for us to better serve our clients, so we feel it is extremely important to inquire about these areas that we can improve.

Overall, our team at Acorn Sign focuses on customer feedback and interactions with our clients as a way to ensure that we maintain excellent customer relationships. If you would like more information about our process and types of signage we design, fabricate and install, contact us today at


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